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About Us

We discovered the Raton Pass Motor Inn on our first trip to Colorado. The warm company and cozy accommodations were reminiscent of staying with favorite relatives. We were smitten by the 1950s/60s charm and returned many times. In recent years, we have marveled at the motel’s evolution, thanks to the extraordinary work done by Laurie and Jason, who purchased the motel in 2016. They worked hard to fill the motel with authentic vintage decor throughout, from the ever-playing Zenith Hi-Fi in the office, to the 1950s Westinghouse fridge that chills your morning juice.

After living in Dallas, Texas, for two decades, we were ready for change – ­we wanted to get away from the concrete and steel and closer to the mountains. We have a passion for the outdoors and travel, nostalgia, history, and romance. What better way to indulge those passions than by greeting like-minded travelers from the open road and inviting them into the Home of Vintage Cool? So in 2020, we jumped at the chance to fulfill our dreams, and purchased the Inn!

We love to accommodate everyone from roving loners who just want a one night stay, to large groups who feel like taking over the whole place and making it their own for a few nights. If you’ve got a group who’d like to hang out for a while – maybe for a retreat, club event, wedding, or family reunion – call us up and let’s talk! Plan far enough in advance, and we can offer you special rates and extra goodies.

Please note that we welcome all guests, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. (Unless you’re a jerk. If you’re a jerk, kindly stay elsewhere, we don’t have time for that.)

Michael and Brandy

About Us, Raton Pass Motor Inn