The Home of Vintage Cool

About Us

We headed west in 2016 to find our mid-century dream here in Raton, USA. Since our arrival, we've been working hard to fill the motel with authentic vintage decor. From the ever-playing AMi jukebox in the office, to the 50's Westinghouse fridge in the breakfast room, and the classic cars and trucks that inhabit our parking lot, you will get your fix of nostalgic goodness while you're here.

You do get the more modern conveniences of free WiFi, a flat screen TV, and a microwave and mini-fridge in your room, so never fear that we're a little too stuck in the past.

Your continental breakfast includes Jason's famous Hi-Test coffee and almost always entertaining conversation with other guests and us. One of our goals here is to get our guests to connect with each other--life today can push us away from each other so easily, but a shared meal is a great way to remember that we're all just on this trip together.

Drift on through, stay a while, or make yourself part of our big, dysfunctional family. And don't forget to take home that pack of candy cigs as your memento of Raton Pass Motor Inn.

We love to accommodate everyone from roving loners who just want a one night stay, to large groups who feel like taking over the whole place and making it their own for a few nights. If you've got a group who'd like to hang out for a while--maybe for a retreat, club event, wedding, or family reunion--call us up and let's talk! Plan far enough in advance, and we can offer you special rates and extra goodies.

Please note that we welcome all guests, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. (Unless you're a jerk. If you're a jerk, kindly stay elsewhere, we don't have time for that.)