Bar & Restaurant, Raton Pass Motor Inn

A Few of our Favorite Places

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Bar & Restaurant, Raton Pass Motor Inn

Dining in Raton

Our favorite places

The old cafe that serves as our office is no longer cooking, but we do serve up a light continental breakfast every morning for you. We offer granola bars, cereals, oatmeal, assorted fruit, sweet rolls, as well as juices, milk and fresh brewed coffee. For something more substantial, as well as lunch and dinner, you can head downtown. For a small town, we have some pretty good choices in local restaurants.

For coffee, pastries and breakfast sandwiches and burritos, you’ll want to go to 111 Park, located downtown. They also have lots of great lunch options.

Pappa’s Sweet Shop offers full breakfasts as well as lunch, with diner-style and New Mexican menu choices.

For lunch or dinner, you’ve got Bruno’s Pizza & Wings, which is simply some of the best pizza on the planet. Seriously. You can also head to Colfax Ale Cellar or Gate City Craft Bar, both of which have great kitchens to go alongside excellent brews and cocktails. The Historic Icehouse serves up BBQ, burgers and home-cookin’, and you can also head down to K-Bob’s Steakhouse for hearty fare. You can get great Mexican food at Los Chanquis on 1st street, or if you need something faster to-go, try Alfonso’s in the Conoco station (yes, it’s gas station goodness) on Clayton Road.

Our favorite place for authentic New Mexican food is La Cosina.

If you want to fill up on quality Chinese food, try the Asian Buffet.

Always check first to see who is open–these family owned and operated joints tend to be closed a day or two a week, most frequently Mondays and Tuesdays!