hand feeding ice cubes into a metal water bottle

Refills While You Travel

July 31, 2023

Tips to Top Off Your Tankard and Get You Back on the Road.

For many when they travel, having their trusty metal cup or mug in hand is essential. For others, it’s a thirst-quenching insulated water bottle. I get it! My husband uses a tall Yeti for his coffee every morning. And in the afternoons and evenings, he uses a short version for his favorite iced beverages. And you’ll rarely find me without my water bottle within easy grasp.

I recommend traveling with your faithful canteen of choice, especially when vacationing in the Southwest where it is very dry year-round and hot in the summer. Parched is no way to be when you are in the middle of the high desert or halfway between BFE and Timbuktu. Staying cool and hydrated will keep you going from dawn ‘til dusk.

Did you know adults need to down 1.6 to 2 liters of water a day minimum? You should drink even more if you’re hiking, biking, spending a lot of time outdoors, or keeping more active than usual (as vacationers often do)!

Tricks and Pro Tips for Refills

Whether you are on the road or in your hotel room, when it comes to refilling your drinking vessel with ice and water, you might have to get creative or plan ahead. I have traveled far and wide and find it challenging to refill my water bottle in hotel sinks, but I have solutions!

Pro Tip – Refilling Water Bottles:

  1. Use one of the complimentary cups in the hotel room to fill your bottle one cup at a time.
  2. Not fast enough or no cups available? Fill your bottle from the bathtub spigot! It’s the same water that comes out of the sink.
  3. Can’t fathom the thought of sipping tap water? Plan ahead and bring a jug (or two or three…) of water. Most convenience stores and grocers along your route carry a wide variety of bottled water sizes and quantities.

Topping off or filling up your cup, mug, or bottle with ice is tricker. We buy seven-pound bags of ice and keep them in our deep freeze. The ice buckets provided in every room are quick and easy for us to fill whether you want a lot of ice or just a little. All you need to do is bring your bucket to the office and we will fill it. Then you can load your canteen on your own and as you like!

Pro Tip – Refilling Cups with Ice:

  1. Bring the ice bucket from your room to the office. I will gladly fill your bucket (a lot or a little). It’s up to you to fill your cup. I’ll even provide a scoop with a handle if you ask.
  2. Go to a convenience store and use their ice machine. Spend some money while you are there as a courtesy.
  3. Plan ahead and bring a cooler with clean ice just for adding to your cup.
  4. Invest in reusable ice cubes. They now make a variety of reusable ice cubes specifically for this purpose.

The Takeaway

The nature of travel and lodging has evolved over the past several years. Be thoughtful about getting your needs met along the way (be creative and accepting).

Safe travels!