We like to share our stuff…, Raton Pass Motor Inn

We like to share our stuff…

June 26, 2018

If you know us, you know we love stuff. Mostly old stuff, but always cool stuff. But we aren’t quite hoarders…and we know that for everything cool thing that comes down the pike, there is another one right behind it, so we are not especially attached to most of the things we collect.

One of the most enjoyable factors for us is to be able to share all our finds with you, our guests. All the old, wonderful things that we find, or that in some cases find us, we want you to get a kick out of, too.

Maybe your grandma had the same wagon wheel furniture when you were a kid. Maybe you remember 8-tracks. Perhaps you used to collect 45’s, or slip quarters into a jukebox to play your favorite songs. Or maybe none of that was anything that you actually experienced, but you are drawn to the design and durability of things older than yourself.

We have it all here, for you, to stir your memories and your imagination. And we also have it here for us, because we just enjoy the heck out of seeing YOU enjoy it. So you better come on and do it!