Damn it, winter, Raton Pass Motor Inn

Damn it, winter

March 3, 2019

Right now, it’s March 3. If you’re old enough, you remember that old saying about March, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”  Rocky Mountain crazy weather would modify that to include everything up ’til  around Mother’s Day.

Right now, it’s snowing and 16 degrees, with a “real feel” of FIVE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT.  Dude .

What probably everyone in Raton,  minus a few masochistic weird folks and those interesting people who really like being cold, is wishing for, is a day like the one that is not right now, a day like the one in the picture.

All winter we’ve been good here, we’ve been grateful for the snow that we’ve had, the snow that means we ought not have to see thousands of acres of our state go up in flames this summer. Because last summer the fires were bad, so bad.  So every time it’s snowed, we’ve bundled up, shoveled out and thanked the skies.

But damn it, winter.

Stick a fork in us, we’re done.

If you’ve never been through here in the summer, it is truly a pay off for the long, cold and grey months of winter. Summer feels just like this picture looks. It’s perfect temps and open roads and if you want to stay outside all day and night, and trust me you will…you can. Summer air is delicious, summer mountains and valleys are green, summer water is cool and inviting.

Right now, we’re dreaming of summer.