Winter is coming, Raton Pass Motor Inn

Winter is coming

November 9, 2018

With a title like “Winter is coming” you’d probably expect a nice snowy, frosty chilly looking photo, right? Well, oops, I didn’t have one handy, so you get to look at candy cigs instead.

What winter in Raton means is that it can be cold, really cold. We’re at about 7700 feet here, so that altitude comes with lower temps. The upside is that you’re still in New Mexico, the original Sunshine State (before they changed the motto to Land of Enchantment, and Florida snapped it up)(it was a lot more appropriate for New Mexico, but that marketing for you).

We can have snow on the ground and low temperatures, and still have bright sunshine and gorgeous blue skies, and that does take a little of the chill off.

The other thing that winter here means is that it tends to be slow, traveler-wise. So yes, we will most likely have a room for you if you’re making some last minute plans. And yes, there’s plenty of hot coffee in the office, and if you’re feeling frisky and want to enjoy the crisp night skies, you can fire up one of the fire pits and sit outside and bask in nature’s glory.

Our little downtown is all decked out for the holidays, too, and you can take a drive up to Climax Canyon, where the City of Bethlehem is set up every year, telling the Christmas story since the 1940’s. On First Street, you’ll find Winter Wonderland, a miniature version of Raton lit up for the season,

If you’re here at the right time, you can go to Sugarite Canyon State Park and find the path to the Chicorica all lined with luminarias, and Santa in attendance.

Just come see us, spend some time with us in Raton, and take a load off at what can be a stressful time of year. Things slow down here in New Mexico, and that can be a very good thing!